Co-Adapt + UA Support for Ukrainian researchers

“Modelling the use of biomass as a circular resource in neighborhood areas”


Part of the Co-Adapt project, involved a task carried out by a researcher from Ukraine. This concerned the use of local settlement biomass as a source of renewable energy and the results were used in the main part of the project as elements of the ‘Settlement with Climate’ game. This part of the project was carried out by Prof. Inna Tryhuba from Lviv National University of Environmental Management (LNUM) in collaboration with scientists of the CoAdapt consortium as well as support of Prof. Prof. Taras Hutsol. The project team developed models to coordinate the configuration of projects for the circular production of clean energy by biogas plants from organic waste specific to residential areas from different types of biomass. Based on these models, application software has been developed to predict the efficiency of bioenergy production from organic waste in residential areas, taking into account the specifics of the waste generation.

The developed computer programme can raise the awareness of residents in residential areas about the benefits of using organic waste and quantify the functional, environmental and economic effects of producing bioenergy from organic waste. The computer programme, available at, makes it possible to test different scenarios and actions to adapt their conditions due to climate change. The results of the research have been presented at several international conferences and published in highly cited scientific journals.

“Modelling the use of biomass as a circular resource in residential areas”, like the entire CoAdapt project, benefits from funding received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.

CoAdapt UA Program User manual